The toolset for platform revolution

Platform Innovation Kit help entrepreneurs and corporate innovators to design and implement successful network based businesses. The 5 canvases of kit will guide startups and corporates identify, ideate, build, and scale successful platform business models.


Why Platform Innovation?

Platforms businesses are hyper scaling and beating traditional business. 13 out of the top 15 S&P500 companies are based on platform business models. Based on our client engagements and best practice studies, we created an innovation process to help companies build better platform business models leveraging the power of ecosystems.

Who is it for?

Our process & kit are made for Startups aiming to disrupt traditional industries, Corporates which aim to break through current limitations and Anyone who is interested, wants to learn or achieve hyper scaling impact.

The toolkit

The Platform Innovation Kit is a series of five canvases to ideate, design and implement platform business models. It’s straight forward, easy to use and a must-have toolset for startups and corporates around the world.

Canvases are a new generation of strategy tools

Since Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur invented the Business Model Canvas (BMC), canvases revolutionized the way we design winning strategies. But the BMC is limited to design ecosystem based business models and therefore we created a new toolkit. Considering all stakeholders and their motivation to join, building the right services to achieve a competitive advantage and to fuel the network effect by defining a growth strategy.

Interactive User-Guide

Use our free app to get interactive assistance, up-to-date examples, articles and support from our chatbot.
  • The Platform Business Model Canvas is a perfect tool to design platform business models.

    Thilo Kassen
    Executive Manager, PRISMA Capacity
  • The Platform Innovation Kit absolutely kept its promise of hyper scaling our business by taping into the power of ecosystems and collaboratively owned surplus value!

    Christoph Hinske
    CEO Center for Societal Smart Grid Design
  • The Platform Innovation Kit is a great designed method to get different perspectives of your new business.

    Arthur Nonnenmacher
    New Business Manager, Balluff AG
  • The Platform Innovation Kit transforms a platform idea into a mature platform business model in the simplest possible way

    Dr. Lutz Kohl
    Product Manager & Co Founder Apiomat
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