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Public Masterclass

Want to master the skills of platform design? Why not joining one of our public masterclasses around the globe. Check availability or request a masterclass near you. 

This 2-day public masterclass is for consultants and business developers who want to learn the methodology. After attendance you are able to perform PIKit workshops for your clients.

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Book your tickets for the next public masterclasses, meetups or online trainings, or express your interest to make a training available somewhere near you. We would love also to co-organise it together. Get in touch!

August 22


Intro to Platform Economics & Platform Innovation Kit


Matthias Walter

September 28


Intro to Platform Economics



Matthias Walter

October 10


BITKOM Online Seminar



Matthias Walter



IoT & Platform Business Model Builder


Veronika Brandt (Bosch SI)
Matthias Walter (T-Systems)

develop your team


In this inhouse training we help you to develop your team into platform masters. This 3-step process is a perfect mixture of hands-on theory and learning on the job. Download the brochure to discover the process and the benefits. 

This 1-day in-house training enables your team to ideate and design platform business models. Accelerate your time-to-market and go-to-market strategy.

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Book reviews & other learning material

Want to go deeper?

Enjoy our recommended reading list, book reviews or see our latest keynote presentations we offer useful books, presentations and other material – reviewed and curated by us.

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Online Course

With our online course you can learn at your own pace. Short videos and sessions allow you to discover the basics of platform design in your environment. We designed a perfect online course covering platform basics, platform design and implementation strategy.

Starting in summer – stay tuned.

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